Wellness Wednesday Health Tip


Happy Wellness Wednesday, Community!

Understanding that next week will be “Free Speech” week and midterms are fast approaching, the Health and Wellness Team at Tang Center will be holding space in the FLHBRC from 12-2pm next Tuesday 9/26 for people to vent about events happening on campus. Come out for support and healing vibes from your community! During this difficult time on campus, don’t hesitate to lean on friends and family to support you, whether that be from sharing your thoughts and feelings, skipping class and having a friend take notes/record lecture for you, or making some time to get off campus and explore. Hope to see you all next Tuesday! 


Wellness Wednesday Health Tip


Consent is a vital aspect to any sexual relationship and can be defined as simply getting permission to pursue a sexual experience from your partner(s). Ask for consent before engaging in a sexual experience to ensure your partner wants to do it. Consent should always be enthusiastic! Remember that consent can be revocable at ANY time and the absence of “no” doesn’t mean “yes”.

Wellness Wednesday: Staying Safe and Sexy with HPV Vaccine

You’ve likely seen the commercials encouraging young folks to get vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the virus that causes genital warts, and various cancers. Black women and white women are impacted by different strains, with only 3 strains common to Black women being covered by current HPV vaccines. I’m not saying don’t get vaccinated, I’m saying be mindful that even with the HPV vaccine, we are still at risk as several strains that impact us are not included in available options. We can stay safe and sexy by getting vaccinated early –some protection is better than none– and continuing to use condoms or another barrier method with each sexual experience (including oral). #NationalImmunizationAwarenessMonth #HPV #Vaccines #BlackHealthMatters #BHM  #WellnessWednesday #MsRobinSexGoddess #blackatcalAug 9

Wellness Wednesday: Immunization Awareness

Aug 2 2August is National Immunization Awareness Month, yes; it’s a real month! Immunizations in the Black community have been controversial – for good reason given historical mistreatment of our people; however, some basic immunizations are required to attend UC Berkeley. Immunizations, in theory, help prevent harmful diseases. To keep our campus healthy, all students are required to submit proof of certain immunizations; if you haven’t submitted yours, you’re late! To learn more about campus immunization requirements, or to submit yours now, click here. #NationalImmunizationAwarenessMonth Aug 2

Wellness Wednesday – July 26th

July 26.pngIt’s a good idea to become familiar with your body for many reasons, early skin cancer detection is only one of them.  Take the time to fully check yourself out from head to toe, front to back; grab a mirror or make it sexy and ask a friend to check the places you can’t see such as you like the back, scalp, and backs of the ears. Do this self-check about every two months and contact your doctor if you notice any changes like those mentioned in the ABCDE model shown in the accompanying illustration. Prevent your chocolate from melting in the sun.  #BlackHealthMatters #BHM  #WellnessWednesday  #MsRobinSexGoddess  #blackatcal

Wellness Wednesday – July 19th

July 19Did you know there is a week dedicated to massages? Everybody Deserves a Massage Week is this week, July 16th – 22nd! In addition to being a great way to reduce stress, research has shown massage to be effective treatment for some injuries as well.  There are several massage techniques you can try; most involve someone pressing, rubbing, or manipulating your muscles and other soft tissues with their hands, fingers, and sometime’s other body parts. Just for the record, reputable professional massage parlors don’t offer happy endings. To make it sexy, consider Nuru massage with your consenting partner. Looking for a massage on campus? The Tang Center partnered with ASUC to bring several REST zones to campus, some of which have massage chairs that students and staff can use for FREE! Check out the REST Zones map and treat yourself to a massage, your body deserves it!  #EBDAMW #BlackHealthMatters#BHM #WellnessWednesday #MsRobinSexGoddess #blackatcal



Wellness Wednesday – July 12th

Juy 12Squamous cell carcinoma is most common form of skin cancer for Black folks. This often appears as a rough or scaly spot that does not heal. As a result squamous cell carcinoma may be  misdiagnosed as eczema.  Early signs to look for include an ulcer, scaly red patch, wart-like growth or open sore that crusts or bleeds. Be sure to have skin lesions and sores that have difficulty healing checked out, moisturize daily, use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, and love the skin you’re in. #UVAwarenessMonth  #BlackHealthMatters #BHM #WellnessWednesday #MsRobinSexGoddess #blackatcal

Wellness Wednesday – July 5th

July 5As children of the sun we are often fed the myth that we are immune to sun related skin damage. Not true. While our melanated skin does give us a natural SPF,  we must protect ourselves from sun damage just like everyone else. We can reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer by being shadey… under an umbrella, tree, or other shelter;  using sunscreen of SPF 30 and above or wear protective clothing (clothes made from tightly woven fabric, long sleeved/pants, darker in color, sun hat, sunglasses, etc.) when you’re outside—even when you’re in the shade. #UVAwarenessMonth


July 5 2



Wellness Wednesday – June 28th

WJune 28hat are you doing for you? Earlier this year, Kid Cudi, disclosed that he was experiencing depression related suicidal ideation, effectively opening the discussion of mental health in the Black community and launching the hashtag, #yougoodman. With all of the potential stressors and oppressors on this campus, it is common for students to feel stressed, depressed, or anxious. Scheduling 30 minutes of physical activity (e.g., exercise, yoga, safer sexercising, etc.) into your day will help release endorphins, which in turn will help you feel better in general and manage depression. If you do find yourself feeling down the Tang Center has Black stress management and mental health providers who are happy to help, we’e here all summer! #MensHealthMonth #BlackHealthMatters #BHM #WellnessWednesday #MsRobinSexGoddess #blackatcal

Wellness Wednesday – June 21st

Often our men are held to standards of masculinity that can easily be described as toxic resulting in external and internalized homophobia, sexism, and negative mental health outcomes such as anxiety and depression.June 21 This has become more evident with the increasing popularity of rompers for men, the “romphim” (for more info specifically on how this is impacting Black masculinity, click here). Instead of policing Black men and masculinity, encourage our brothers to be true to themselves, to love themselves. Pride in one’s self, and culture, leads to positive mental health and feelings of empowerment. Channel your inner James Brown and say it with me, “I’m Black and I’m Proud!”